DETROIT (WXYZ) – Darrell Smith used to be a student with failing grades.

Now the senior high school student’s report card is full of A’s and B’s. He believes it’s because of the teaching style at Fusion Academy.
“They make sure we’re here on time. If not, they’ll come get us,” says Smith.

Fusion Academy has two locations in Detroit, one on the west side and the other on the east side. At the two schools students can get one on one help from teachers.

The academy also has a virtual campus where those enrolled can take courses on the web.

The program helps students who have dropped out of high school get back on track.

The program is designed to help those from 14-years-old to 20-years-old earn a high school diploma.

“How much time and effort you’re willing to put in, the quicker you’re able to earn credits and the quicker you’re able to reach that goal of getting that diploma,” says math teacher Misty Elder.

The charter school is partnered with Ferris State University and receives funding from the state. Classes are free to students across Michigan.
The goal of the academy is to see at least 80 percent of students get their diploma this year. Teachers also offer programs to help them excel at the ACT and SAT.

They also show the students how to apply to technical schools and colleges.

“Whatever our students are looking to do next we try to provide them with resources. We have speakers come in,” said Elder. “We had someone from ITT Tech come in a few months ago.”

Smith wants to go to Michigan State University to study engineering. He used to think high school was a chore. Now with the flexibility of taking classes online and teachers that offer him extra help, he has changed his mind.

“I used to skip school every day. So it changed me because I come every day now and now I’m committed to my work and looking at the world differently,” said Smith.

The academy will be enrolling new students in the fall.