Scott Alternative Learning Center Outsourcing Plan

(Savannah, GA) – An aggressive change is coming to Scott Alternative Learning Center. When students step into classes next school year, they will be under a different form of leadership. School higher-ups believe outsourcing is the best direction for Scott. That’s why they’re bringing in a private company to help run the alternative school.

“We found academically, our children were very far behind. We felt like if we could provide a stronger academic program to our students in an alternative situation, then we would be able to get better results,” says SCCPSS Chief Academic Officer Sharon Sand.

The company winning the deal is Ombudsman Educational Services based in Libertyville, Illinois. Make no mistake, this is a partnership. Chatham County school leaders will remain deeply involved in their education. Under the plan, reading will be a major focus for students at Scott.

“They assess kids’ reading and they have a very strong online reading program that every child is required to participate in to get their reading skills to where they need to be.”

The school system expects to save about a million dollars a year by outsourcing, but saving money, according to Sharon Sand, was not the ultimate goal.
“We were spending a lot of money at Scott, and we just didn’t feel we were getting the results that we needed, so yes, the money definitely played into it. But again, I want to stress that it’s about academic success for children.”

So where do current employees stand?

“We have no doubt that every one of our teachers that are at Scott will be placed in jobs if they want them within our school system.”

Teachers and administrators have also been given the nod to apply with ombudsman if they desire.

“What do you say, Sharon, to people in the community who will be skeptical?”

“And we expect to have skeptics, and that’s okay because we want folks to question because we know they’re concerned. My response would be we’re just not happy with the results that we’re getting, and you know if you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to get the same results.

And so we feel the need to step outside the box and try something different.”

Outsourcing at Scott begins when students return from summer break.