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Success Stories

How a Network of Alternative Schools in Arizona Is Using Personalized Learning to Re-Engage Teens — and Even Some Adults — Who Struggled in Traditional Classrooms (from The 74)

When Vanessa Villarreal realized she might not be able to graduate on time from her Glendale, Arizona, high school after her son Adam was born, she knew she needed another option. Her boyfriend suggested Ombudsman Charter Metro, the alternative charter school he attended at the time. Villarreal, who now works at the school as a Read More

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No time like now to support students amid the pandemic

The pandemic hit us all in February. Every single person in this world has been impacted in all areas of life. We have been impacted academically, emotionally, physically, psychologically, economically and socially. No matter who you are, your vulnerabilities have been exposed. One of the most vulnerable groups to the disruptions of the pandemic are Read More

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