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Success Stories

How a Network of Alternative Schools in Arizona Is Using Personalized Learning to Re-Engage Teens — and Even Some Adults — Who Struggled in Traditional Classrooms (from The 74)

When Vanessa Villarreal realized she might not be able to graduate on time from her Glendale, Arizona, high school after her son Adam was born, she knew she needed another option. Her boyfriend suggested Ombudsman Charter Metro, the alternative charter school he attended at the time. Villarreal, who now works at the school as a Read More

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Atlantis Academy Thinks Outside the Box to Engage Students with Various Learning Needs During Shutdown

Maintaining engagement for students is paramount while schools are closed, but Atlantis Academy of Coral Springs is figuring out how to make it work. Providing academic, behavioral, social, and emotional support to more than 500 students with various learning needs at Chancelight’s Atlantis Academy’s four South Florida centers, they have averaged a 90 percent attendance Read More

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