Education Programs: Serving At-Risk Students & Overcoming Autism & Behavioral Disorders

For more than 40 years, our alternative education solutions have helped thousands of at-risk middle and high school students struggling with academic and behavioral issues achieve success. Our programs are designed to help school districts improve graduation rates and decrease dropout rates.

Our special education solutions help students with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, emotional disturbance, behavioral challenges or other special needs meet their full potential academically, behaviorally and socially.

ChanceLight partners with more than 235 school districts nationwide.

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ChanceLight Education operates programs nationwide to teach, inspire and prepare students to reach
their full potential in a positive, reinforcing environment. Through innovative programs, we partner with
school districts nationwide to provide special education, emotional/behavior and mental health
supports services, alternative education and dropout prevention and recovery to students in grade pre-K through age 22.

We use evidence-based instruction and behavior supports for students with an IEP who benefit from additional academic, behavior, and emotional support services. In Illinois, our programs operate as ChanceLight Education, Ombudsman Plus and Spectrum Center Programs.

Ombudsman Educational Services
Many public school districts partner with Ombudsman to provide alternative programs for dropout prevention and credit recovery. Ombudsman students are at risk of not graduating because they may have missed too many school days, lack credits, or have academic challenges or adult responsibilities that keep them from being successful in a traditional school environment.

Spectrum Center Schools and Programs
Serving children and young adults aged five to 22 who have autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, emotional disturbances, behavioral challenges or other special needs. Spectrum Center provides supplemental special education to public schools by operating nonpublic schools for students with special needs, as well as special education classrooms within public school buildings